Friday, August 28, 2015

A Look Back 8/21 - 8/27

Slow week...

Saturday, 8/22:
  • Piper pulled herself up to stand for the first time!
  • Went to a baby shower. It's funny how much your mindset changes after you already have kids and watch someone else open up shower gifts. It's not about how cute everything is anymore. Now it's all about practicality. I just kept saying to my mom, "She's not gonna need that." "That's useless." "Hope they gave her the gift receipt." 
  • I bought this first-time mom something I know she will use. I was going to buy diapers and wipes, but then I thought about my three kiddies. I thought about the one thing that gets the most use. Something that even after 3-1/2 years of life, my daughter still uses. Something I used every single day and still do for my twins...  Circo® 4pk Flannel Receiving Blankets.
    Lily refuses to sleep with any other blanket. She usually will have all four blankets on her to sleep at night instead of her bed sheet and comforter.
Sunday, 8/23:

Monday, 8/24:
  • Horrible day. Kept getting in my own way. Nothing was right, everything was a disaster. Ugh.
  • Ok, so there was one good thing to come from this day. Got some great shots of Lily...

Thursday, 8/27:
  • Took some pics of Lily. She wanted to be a bird fairy...

  • Lily was playing with a ruler...
Lily: Holding the ruler up to my chest, "You're boobies are long. That's good."
Me: "What?"
Lily: "Mommy, check my boobies now. Lily have long boobies, too?"
Me: Trying not to laugh in her face.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

A Look Back: 8/14 - 8/20

Friday, 8/14:

  • Took Lily to get her cavity filled. Turns out she had two cavities, not one. 
  • Lily had nitrous so she would be relaxed during the procedure. It worked. She sat perfectly for everything.

Sunday, 8/16:

  • My blow dryer was on it's way out so I needed to pick up a new one. I decided to go to Target, alone! Even though I specifically went for the blow dryer, I decided to pick up the rest of Lily's school supplies. I shopped around, checked out, got in my van, drove away, and remembered one very important thing...

Tuesday, 8/18:

  • Went to a Mcdonald's, with the playground inside, for dinner so Lily could run around before bedtime. While there, two things occurred:
  1. There was a family of six with one more on the way. Ages ranging from about three to about twelve. Lily was playing with the two youngest one's. The oldest, a girl of about twelve was wearing a tank top. I really wanted to go up to her parents and tell them to stop on the way home and buy that girl a training bra. Seriously! She needed one, bad. There are a lot of pervs out in the world, and this girl should not be walking around with her little girl boobies hanging out for all of them to see. Unfortunately, as my mom always says, "It's not mine."
  2. While Lily was off playing, another little girl came up to Killian and Piper who were in their stroller. A nice, quiet girl with very long black hair in pigtails. I asked how old she was. She just looked at me. I asked, "Are you seven?" She gave me a look and said, "No." I asked, "Are you six? Eight?" She looked at me and said, "I'm four." Four? Really? This girl was super tall! Too tall to be only one year older than Lily. But, she was four. Anyway, she was making Piper laugh by putting her nose to Piper's hand and face. I wanted to tell the little pre-schooler not to touch Piper's face, but I felt weird about it. I have no problem telling an adult, but this innocent little girl made me feel like it was wrong to say something. Many times, the parents will say something to their kids, but her parents just ignored the fact she was even at our table. Maybe they didn't speak english? All the while, all I can think about is if this girl had her immunizations. Is she sick? Is anyone in her family sick? It was a little stressful. Next time I will definitely be as polite as I can be and just say, "Please don't touch the baby." 
  • Lily tries to play catch with piper...

Wednesday, 8/19:
Lily: "What's your favorite animal, Mommy?"
Me: "I like giraffes. What's your favorite animal?"
Lily: "I like Piper and Killian." 
  • Been watching Scooby Doo! Mystery Incorporated with Lily. It's on Netflix if interested...and you should be. This show rocks! Seriously. It was on for two seasons from 2010 to 2013. Even though they don't have the original theme song to Scooby Doo! Where Are You? I still sing it for Lily. She loves it. Here is her version of the song...

Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Look Back 8/7 - 8/13

Friday, 8/7:
  • Went out to Greenport with my mom and the kiddies. My mom had some left over carousel tickets from July 4th. Lily and I rode the horsies three times. 

Sunday, 8/9:
  • Went to Eisenhower Park. Dropped Dan and the kids off to play at the playground area and I went to do a photo shoot. I had a great model who wanted Rockabilly style photos. I got some amazing shots. They are posted on my photography facebook page if you're interested in viewing. Then spread the word. Thanks.
  • Piper crawled for the first time!

Tuesday, 8/11:
  • Had a consultation for a different pediatrician. Thanks to the recommendations of 4 different people we know, Lily, Killian, and Piper will now be going to Dr. Zaso in East Meadow. I liked what he had to say and he didn't judge me for having big babies. He just said that all babies grow at different rates and as long as they are within the parameters of what's healthy, everything is fine. This comment was unlike their now former pediatrician, who just told me I was overfeeding Killian and Piper and then leaving it at that with no suggestions on how to handle their weight. Oh, and when I told her what I was feeding them throughout the day, she didn't believe me. So disappointed since I've known that pediatrician since I was 12 years old. Oh well. Time for a change! 

Thursday, 8/13:
  • Killian and Piper turned ten months old. They both are crawling. Killian pulls himself up to stand. Piper babbles up a storm. They both are picking up and eating finger snacks. Piper has eight teeth (four on top, four on bottom), Killian has six (four on top, two on bottom). Piper claps her hands whenever she gets excited or happy about something. And they both L-O-V-E their big sister, Lily.
  • Had an eye exam. My eyes are a little worse than two years ago. Couldn't find frames I liked in that office so I told a couple of different ladies that worked there that I would shop around elsewhere for frames and bring them back to get fitted for the lenses. One woman was trying to tell me that I couldn't do that because the insurance was submitted for their office only. I explained to her that her office will do the lenses for prescription purposes, but I can and will get frames anywhere I want and my insurance will cover it. I told her I had done it in the past like that also. I think they might get commission on frames or something because another woman was trying to tell me that she will look in their basement for a style that I might like and call me when she has a few pairs to show. She said not to not go somewhere else since she probably can find something I will like. Then, a third woman was trying to convince me that every pair of frames looked good on me and I should just pick something. I told her I'm picky with what I put on my face because glasses are one of the first things people will notice about me. I have to really like what I will be wearing every single day for the next two years when my insurance says I can get new ones. Ugh. I hate people sometimes. 
  • My mom and sister, Jackie, were over and we were sitting at my dining room table. Lily came over and sat on a chair...
Lily: "Mommy! One Beebo (points to my mom), two beebos (points to Jackie).
Me and my mom: Bahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!! Sorry Jac. 

Thursday, August 6, 2015

A Look Back 7/31 - 8/6

Friday, 7/31:
  • I ran out of my Tassimo chai tea latte and ordered more the other day. Now I'm waiting for it to come and was hoping it would get here by the time I was done with breakfast...
Me: "Hey, Lily? Can you please check to see if my tea came yet?"
Lily: Looking out the front door - "Your tea not here yet."
Me: Disappointed - "It's not?"
Lily: "Have patience, Mommy." 

  • Was putting Killian and Piper down for their morning nap. Put Killian in his crib first then brought Piper into the room and was changing her diaper. When I was done, I laid her down in her crib and looked over at Killian. HE WAS STANDING UP in his crib! This, being the first time he stood, I wanted to run and get my camera. When I got back into the room he wouldn't do it again. I will get this on video if it's the last thing I do!

Saturday, 8/1:
  • After eating a Klondike Bar...
Lily: "Me eat ice cream like baby! Hahahaha!"
Sunday, 8/2:
  • At the annual "Cousins BBQ" for the Maier clan, Lily had a blast swimming in the pool. It was also the first time a lot of my family met Killian and Piper.
Monday, 8/3:
  • Thanks Aunt Krissy for my flamingo wings!

  •  Lily disappeared for a little bit. When I finally decided I better go look to see what she was doing, I stumbled upon this...

  • Lily's new thing is washing dishes.

  • Went to Target with Lily, Killian, and Piper. Had to get them all, especially Lily, out of the house. Every time I told Lily to stay by the stroller she would say, "You serious?" Every time I told her we weren't getting something she wanted, "Awe, serious?" Yes, Lily. I'm your mother and I'm very serious!
Wednesday, 8/5:
  • I had my very first mammogram done. I've always heard it would be the most uncomfortable and/or painful experience since they literally squish your boobs in a machine. I have to say, I didn't mind it at all. It was actually kinda comfortable. I told the technician that and she said I was the first woman to ever say that to her. She said it was probably because I nursed all my kids at one point and breast feeding really hurts. Umm... okay?
  • During the mammogram they put these little round stickers on your nipples. Don't quite know why and I didn't think to ask. Because I have four large scars on my left breast, she had to put stickers (a different kind) on those as well. Maybe to tell the difference between scar tissue and something that might be wrong? Who knows. I guess I could look it up, but I'm too lazy right now to care that much.
  • Went to Babies R Us after the mammogram. I saw a mother pushing her infant twins so I tried to connect by saying, "Aren't twins great? I have twins also." She didn't seem to care. I asked how old. She said they were three months so I told her mine were nine and a half months. Again, she didn't seem to care. I said that I didn't think my twins were that tiny, them being over six pounds each at birth. She told me, in a kinda rude tone, "Well, they were eight weeks early." So I responded with, "Oh. Mine were six weeks early." Again, she could care less. I don't know how it is for most twin moms, but I want to talk to other moms of twins. I want to feel that connection once in a while because, let's face it, if you don't have twins, you just have no idea what it's like. I want to share experiences, compare notes, and just have the knowledge that this person I am passing in time gets me. It's not like I'm some random non-twin mom who is asking dumb twin questions. I just want to have some sort of brief, intelligent conversation about twin life. But I guess she was too good for all that. Or she was just really, really tired.
  • Lily was riding her tricycle and it got stuck on the grass...
Lily: "Help me, Mommy."
Me: "Just get off your bike and get it off the grass."
Lily: "No! You help me, now!"
Me: "That's not the way you ask for help nicely, Lily. C'mon. You can do it yourself. Get off the bike and push it off of the grass."
Lily: "Mommy, be a superhero, please help me."  
Me: Well, I had to help her after that comment. I didn't NOT want to be a superhero! 
Thursday, 8/6:
  • Results from the mammogram came back: ALL CLEAR!

Friday, July 31, 2015

A Look Back 7/24 - 7/30

Friday, 7/24:
  • Killian fell asleep in his highchair after breakfast...
  • Went to Stride Rite with the kids and my mom to get Killian and Piper their first pair of shoes. Yes, you heard right, their first pair at nine months old. Thanks, Mom. 

Saturday, 7/25:
  • Killian started to crawl for the first time. Very exciting!
  • Piper started clapping her hands for the first time. Also exciting!

Sunday, 7/26:
  • In the morning when we were still in bed, Lily wanted Dan to get her something that was under Piper's crib. After many "get it for me" requests, Dan said, "No, not now." Lily responded with, "Awe, you serious?" 
  • Went to the pool today. First time for Killian and Piper. They liked it.
  • FYI: (Piper is 9 months old) That ladybug bathing suit Piper is wearing was Lily's bathing suit that she had when she was 14 months old.
  • Had a, "My baby is getting so big" moment when Dan took Lily in the regular pool and she was able to stand in the shallow end.

  • Lily wanted to watch Sesame Street but it was very close to bedtime...
Lily: "Put on Sesame Street, please."
Me: "Sesame Street isn't on until tomorrow."
Lily: "It's on Heplix." (Netflix)
Me: Yup. She's got me there!
Monday, 7/27:

  •  Killian is definitely Lily's little mini-me - boy version!

Tuesday, 7/28:
  • Lily's new thing...
Lily: "Mommy, want to play in my room?"
Me: "Umm.." taking a little too long to answer.
Lily: "Mommy. Listen. Yes or no?"
Me: Thinking - Oh boy. She's a little smart ass already! 

Wednesday, 7/29:
  • Trying to sell some baby gear that we don't need anymore. It's hard to part with the things my three babies used, even if we will never need them again. I wish I could keep everything and make a little museum for when I want to feel nostalgic and for when my three babies are adults and maybe wanting to see and feel what they had/used when they were born.

Thursday, 7/30:
  • Don't you hate it when you're laying in bed and you put your arm up over your head, then all of a sudden you feel something tickling/crawling on your arm so you throw your arm up and sit up; looking around to see if you can find a bug, you see nothing; then you can't lay back down because now you're freaked out by the possibility that there was a bug on you and if you lay back down it will inevitably end up crawling in your ear? Yeah... that happened.
  • I finally got to do something I wasn't able to do in a few days...
Lily: "Can I smell you, Mommy? Mmm. You smell good. You took shower and now are clean."
Me: Didn't realize I smelled so bad before. Luckily the stars aligned and I was able to take a five minute shower. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

A Look Back 7/17 - 7/23

Friday, 7/17:

  • Dan and I went to a wedding and since we got dressed up I wanted a picture taken. Of course, our wonderfully cute and funny three and a half year old had to get in on it. She put on a pair of my shoes to look pretty and followed us out the door. For some reason, I can't remember, she wasn't wearing anything but her underwear. Hmm?
  • The wedding reception was good. They had a live band, which I don't think I've ever been to a wedding with one. They were really good. I had been feeling slightly sick - a little soar throat and dry cough, but I didn't want it to ruin my good time. Unfortunately, I had one beer and got a headache and something I can only describe as heartburn, even though it wasn't quite heartburn. But I still tried my best to smile and dance a few times. Well, the highlight of the evening was when the head guy in the band kept eyeing me and kept signaling me to hit the dance floor. At one point he came over to me as I was eating salad and said, "Are you seriously eating your salad one leaf at a time?" Uh, no. Two leaves at a time! Anyway, at the end of the night the band had a lot of people gathered on the dance floor. Dan and I were there, too. The main guy started to do a back and forth singing thing with the crowd. I had a feeling that I should've been really vocalizing because he kept looking my way, but I had that soar throat thing going on. Well, he stopped, told the crowd to wait a minute 'cause he's been eyeing this couple all night, and then he came over to us. Ah! Now I'm in the spotlight. Exactly where I don't like to be. He actually told everybody that I was eating my salad one leaf at a time. Fortunately (or unfortunately), our friend, Kevin, caught most of it on video...
  • Dan and I get home from the wedding around 2:00am and my mother, who had been babysitting, was up with our twins. They were wide awake. Never have they been up in the middle of the night for more than a second while we put their pacifiers back in their mouths. Luckily, they fell right to sleep when we put them down.

Saturday, 7/18:
  • So, our twins had a repeat of waking up in the middle of the night. What the hell? We leave for one night and now chaos has ensued. Hopefully it doesn't become a habit.
  • Yup, my slight sickness has now become something more. I actually was falling asleep on the couch in the afternoon - something I do not do unless I am really sick. This is so stupid, too because I just ended a ten day round of antibiotics for strep not four days ago.
  • Was playing in Lily's room. She took down a doll from her bookshelf and handed it to me. She wanted to brush it's hair so she went to get a brush. As I was waiting for her, I shook the dolls hair and I saw something big and black jump out and go across my chest. I freaked, not knowing what it was and fearing the worst now that I had no clue where it went. I stood up and shook my, can I say dress, even though I was still in my nightgown at three o'clock in the afternoon? Anyway, I shook my... dress, and out came a big, black spider falling to the floor. I let out a scream then smashed it with one of Lily's toys. Luckily I got it 'cause I would not have been able to stay in the room any longer if I hadn't. Ugh! Heebeejeebees!!
  • Walked in the bedroom to find Piper asleep like this...
  • Lily looked very pretty in her dress...
  • At bath time, Lily got a beard like her Uncle K.C. ...

Sunday, 7/19:
  • Cleaning day. Still didn't feel well, but better than I had felt. Decided to clean the floors and do three loads of laundry. All in all a fun Sunday (sarcasm, people).

Monday, 7/20:
  • Play date for Lily at our house. It must have been the hottest day of the summer so far. Brutal! I had set up our small kiddie pool and our water pad spray mat thing (don't know what it's called). Great to cool off the kids but for me and my mommy friend, the heat just did us in. I suggested playing inside and with little coaxing, the kids agreed.
  • In the late afternoon, it started raining. It felt great. Since Killian and Piper were taking a nap, Lily and I walked around outside letting the rain cool us off. A fun time until I heard thunder. Where there's thunder, there's lightning, so in we went.

Tuesday, 7/21:
  • Woke up early in the morning to the sound of Killian whimpering. He whimpers in his sleep all the time. I waited about a minute or two to see if he would calm down on his own. He seemed to stop and I looked over at Dan's side of the bed not knowing what time it was. I saw something moving and squinted to see what it was. I saw a baby's hand in the air with fingers moving around. I then saw an adult hand playing with the baby hand. I thought Dan must have gotten up and took Killian in bed with us. Then I heard the whimpering again coming from the crib. Now I thought maybe it was Piper in bed and Killian was still in his crib. I got up and saw Piper still sleeping in her crib and Killian still in his. I was very confused and when I looked over to see what Dan was doing, he wasn't there. His side of the bed was empty and he had already left for work about a half hour before. FREAKY!!!!

Wednesday, 7/22:
  • Lily had a peepee accident...
Lily: "Lily peepeed. Sorry, Mommy."
Me: "It's OK, Lily. Just be more careful next time. You know when you have to go, right?"
Lily: "Yes, Mommy. Lily sorry. You still love me?"
Me: Heart aching - "Yes, Lily. Always. I love you so much. Nothing will ever make me stop loving you, no matter what."
Lily: "OK, Mommy. Lily love you. You're the best." 
  • Piper fell asleep in her highchair after breakfast...

  • while Killian cried...

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Colors of a Child

My three year old loves to dance. She loves to watch others dance and tries to copy their movements. One show we watch together is So You Think You Can Dance. It's fun to watch it with her as she tries to mimic all the diverse dancing on the screen.

On this week's show, the two dancers pictured above were paired together for a jazz routine. As I sat and watched the technique and musicality of the dancers, my daughter saw something else...
"That like Uncle K.C. and Cici" Lily said as she pointed to the television. Yes, my brother and his wife are of two different races. She of Guyanese decent and my brother a mix of German, English, Irish, and American Indian decent. The thought of them compared to this couple never crossed my mind, but to my three year old, this was just like her uncle and aunt. She was happy that she made this connection. She was happy that this young, beautiful, and talented girl reminded her of her Aunt Cici.
"Her hair in tie like Cici. Same like Cici, Mommy." My daughter's eyes glimmered with affection for this dancer as she moved across the television screen. Though I originally thought about color as her motivator to compare, I was now taken to a different place. A more innocent place where she may have seen the difference in the color of their skin, but was more enamored by the fact that this girl, this dancer, has similar hair to that of her aunt.

Now if we could all see through the innocence of a child's eyes, the world would be a more beautiful place.